Marine and Shipping Services

 We provide the following Marine and Shipping Services

  • Ship owner’s Representative for Dry and Bulk Cargo Vessels
  • Ship Agency(Port, Husbandry and Protective Agencies) for Bulk, Dry and General Cargo/RORO Vessels
  • Ocean-going Dry/Bulk/Wet Cargo Vessels Chartering and Brokerage
  • Ocean-going Petroleum Tanker Chartering and Brokerage,
  • Transportation of Clean and Dirty Refined Petroleum Products,
  • Transportation of Crude,
  • Provision of Oil Services Support Vessel,
  • Ship Management
  • Provision of Offshore Floating Production Storage and Offloading facilities (FPSO)
  • Provision of STS Coordination Services and Equipment such as Fenders and Hoses etc,
  • Provision of Tug Boats and Mooring Services. 

In association with Marin Subsea Ltd, UK and the use of the Subsea technology and expertise from across the Marin Group, we offer a one-stop service that meets the widest range of excavation challenges in:

 Inshore and shallow depths of between 3 and 40 metres.

  • Pre-lay pipeline route preparation and trenching,
  • Remedial excavation and cutting,
  • Asset de-burial,
  • Boulder burial and dispersal,
  • Rock dump and debris removal,
  • Sandwave clearance,
  • Spud can clearance,
  • Line cutting and recovery,
  • Pile excavation,
  • Platform removal,
  • Wreckage excavation and recovery,
  • Unexploded Ordinance– UXO.


Mid Water Operations (40 metres-300 metres)

  • Pipeline route preparation and trenching,
  • Remedial excavation and cutting,
  • Asset de-burial,
  • Line cutting and recovery,
  • Template site preparation,
  • Iceberg silo excavation,
  • Rock dump and debris removal,
  • Spud can clearance,
  • Platform removal,
  • Wreckage excavation and recovery.

Deep Water Operations (300 metres-unlimited)

Marin has built a reputation of pushing the boundaries of subsea excavation at depths in

excess of 300 metres and are now also acknowledged as the world’s leading deep-water

excavation and Asset Recovery experts.

Our services here include:


  • BOP and asset recovery,
  • Riser cutting and recovery,
  • Line cutting and recovery,
  • Pipeline route preparation and trenching,
  • Scarp excavation and cutting,
  • Asset de-burial,
  • Free-span rectification,
  • Mattress clearance,
  • Material placement,
  • Overburden removal,
  • Rock dump placement,
  • Wreckage excavation and recovery

Petroleum Industry

WMIS Ltd, with permit from the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to carryout Cargo Survey Services, provides inspection services for Quality and Quantity to the following:

  • Crude oil, Petroleum Products and Petrochemicals,
  • Ship, Barge, Truck, Shore and Offshore Tank Measurements& Calibration,
  • Petroleum Products Blending,
  • Marine fuel management for ships and shore tanks,
  • Ullage inspection,
  • Bunker Survey,
  • Testing and analytical services on Crude, Petroleum Products and Petrochemical,
  • Tanks Cleanliness inspection & Certification,
  • Marine Survey, Investigation and Consultancy, etc.

Cargo Survey Services

WMIS provides the following services:

  • Cargo loss control,
  • Container & Equipment Inspection,
  • Loading & Discharge Supervision,
  • Ullage inspection of bulk liquid cargo,
  • Draft Survey of bulk dry cargo,
  • Sampling and Analysis of samples,
  • Condition & Damage Surveys, etc. 

Commodity Inspection Services

WMIS provides services that cover:

  • Agricultural, processed and semi-processed commodities such as Cocoa, Milk,
  • Cement, Sugar, Rice Fruits and Vegetable, etc.,
  • Steel and metal products,
  • Textiles, RMG and cotton,
  • Manufacturing Process Monitoring – IPPS (Input-Production-Packaging-Shipment)
  • Machinery and equipment from start of manufacturing to shipment,
  • Wood, timber, pulp, furniture, etc.,
  • Solid Minerals such as Gold, Tin, Columbite, Tantalite, Lead, Copper, Manganese, Zinc Ores, etc.


Preshipment & Destination Inspection Services

We offer Pre-Shipment and Destination Inspection services that ensure compliance with Government Regulations and assist in the collection of correct revenues.



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