Worldwide Marine & Inspection Services Limited was set up by a group of Professionals and Business Executives to provide world-class Marine, Shipping, Quality and Quantity inspection services to Government, Institutions, Regulatory Authorities and Companies in Nigeria and West Africa.

Worldwide Marine & Inspection Services Limited was incorporated with the major objectives of carrying out Shipping & Marine Services, Cargo Surveys, Commodity Inspections, and allied services. Our services cover inspection, testing, certification and calibration for Oil & Gas, Marine, manufacturing Industries as well as Primary commodities. We provide Personalized Customer-Tailored services locally and worldwide through our agents. We are represented in most countries of the world through our association with NMCI Group based in New Jersey(USA) and having offices and associates all over USA as well as global presence in over 287 locations with 6 offices in strategic locations including China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco etc. NMCI Group is affiliated to IFIA and several similar international organizations. We also offer services to the marine sector which cover provision of marine intervention and logistic support services to the Oil & Gas Sector through our association with Marin Subsea Ltd, UK with offices in Scotland, Singapore, Thailand & Indonesia.


To be the best and leading provider of comprehensive Import and Export Inspection Services in Nigeria 


We are in business to achieve and continuously improve the highest quality service in the industry, serve our clients satisfactorily through the professionalism of our highly trained and motivated staff and to achieve steady and progressive growth of our company.



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